Everest Services

Everest offers a first-of-its-kind, nationwide service that provides a unique opportunity to discuss and obtain information from independent experts regarding the planning of a funeral. Our sole purpose is to provide the information our clients need to make the most informed decisions about all funeral-related issues, and then put those wishes into action with our team of highly trained, knowledgeable funeral directors.

Everest advisor

24 x 7 Assistance arrow

Everest advisors are available 24 hours a day to help with all funeral-related issues.
  • At-Need Family Support
    • Advisors communicate the Personal Funeral Plan to the funeral home, removing the family from a sales-focused environment.
  • Negotiation Assistance
    • Advisors gather pricing information and present it to the family in an easy-to-read format.
    • Help the family compare prices of caskets and other funeral products.
    • Negotiate funeral service pricing with local funeral homes.

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calculator and pen

Price Comparisons yellow arrow to learn more

  • Everest maintains the only nationwide database of funeral prices.
  • Get detailed funeral home price comparisons on demand.

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couple viewing information on a computer

Planning Tools yellow arrow to learn more

  • Learn about funerals and various personalization options.
  • Document your wishes online and store your decisions in our secure database.

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Quick Pay

Everest can work with select insurance carriers to enable an expedited payment program, which allows the insurance company to pay the beneficiary within as little as 48 hours after the death of an insured client.